The Goblin's Troubleshooting

Page Loading and Login Problems

Are you using disconnect, ghostery, privacy badger, I don't care about cookies, or some other blocker extension?

Those modules, by design, block requests going out of a web site or block functionality (such as cookies) within a site, so they may block access to Google Authentication from The Goblin's Notebook. To sign-in via Google, you will need to whitelist the Notebook and allow cookies from to be used here. The method to do this differs with each extension, check the documentation for instructions on how to do this for your extension(s).

Examples where extensions are blocking page function:

  • The notebook page is viable but 'dulled' and nothing is clickable
  • There is no login button in the top-right corner of the page
  • The login button shows the Google sign-in page, but the notebook doesn't log in afterwards

The above problems are resolved by whitelisting The Goblin's Notebook in the extension blocking the requests.


Subscription Problems

I subscribed through Patreon, linked the account in the Notebook but it is not showing as subscribed.

Did you subscribe on or near the 1st of the month? Due to Patreon renewing subscriptions within the first couple of days of the start of each month, payments initiated at that time get added to a queue to be processed. If you subscribe during this time, your payment may take few hours to be fully processed (despite it showing as active in Patreon). Once the payment is complete, the integration will update and the Notebook will be able to validate your subscription automatically. This should resolve itself after a few hours but we may be able to manually mark the subscription as active if you need it quicker, please contact [email protected] or find us on discord for assistance (Note: The Goblin is UK based so may be sleeping when you are awake!).

If you subscribed after the first few days of the month, have waited for more than 24 hours since subscribing, or have any other problems with activating subscriptions in the Notebook, please contact [email protected] or through discord.



Unfortunately bugs happen despite best efforts to find them before they get deployed in production. If you find anything broken, please contact [email protected] or through discord and we will investigate the issue. Bug fixing is high priority and we try and resolve bugs as soon as possible.

I Have a Suggestion

If you have any suggestions for new features and a way to improve functionality, please contact [email protected] or through discord. We are always looking for ways to improve the Notebook and are happy to receive suggestions. We can't say when (or even if) your suggestion may make it into the product but if it can be added and adds value then it will be considered!

Other Issues

If you have any other issues, questions, or just want to send us a message, please contact us on discord, over email or via twitter. We love to hear how the Notebook is working for you!