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Tabletop campaign planner and note-taking tool
The Goblin's Notebook is a single-pane view of your tabletop RPG campaign notes for pre-session planning, in-session note taking and post-session recapping.
Keep all your tabletop RPG campaign notes in a single, easy to navigate place. Make connections between creatures, locations, or quests so that you can easily jump from object to object and keep a journal during play. Share your notes or handouts with others. Whether you are a game master who wants to plan ahead or a player that needs to take notes during play, The Goblin's Notebook can help you out.
For Game Masters
For Players

For Game Masters... Plan, build, play and share!

Plan ahead or build as you play, whatever works for you. You can map out as much as you want, maybe you want to make notes for every NPC, or just the BBEG and his planned actions, or maybe you prefer to have no hard-defined plans and fill it in as you go... Whatever your preference!
Plus, share handouts or notes with your players and easily track your campaign through journal entries.

For Players... Play, make notes, log!

For players, start with a blank campaign and fill it in as you go to end up with campaign notes that are easy to visualise and navigate. Find that crucial detail you were told weeks ago without flicking through a notebook or searching documents!

Map your campaign as a series of objects

Create objects to represent your in-game locations, organisations, creatures, quests, and other things.
Objects can have a rich description and can be connected to other objects to easily track links between them.

Style Notes Using Markdown

Add details using markdown to include formatting such as headings, bold and italics, lists, tables, images, and links.

Include Statblock for PCs or NPCs

Optionally include a statblock for any create object.

Make connections between any objects

Connecting objects together means you can visualise relationships between objects and easily follow those links to bring up related notes without having to search or scroll around for them.
Connect NPCs to organisations, weapons to locations, anything to anything!

Track the status of each object

Set the status of objects to easily see their current role in the campaign.
Whether something hasn't yet been encountered by your players, maybe the NPC has been killed or the story has gone off-track and that location is no longer relevant, set the required status on the object to keep track.

Split your campaign into chapters

Focus on the objects needed during each play session by spitting your campaign into chapters. This allows you to filter the objects on display to only show those relevant to the part of the story you are currently in, hiding those that have no relevance.

Add notes to the journal as you play

Add journal notes for any object, chapter, or campaign and cross-reference other objects to keep a chronological log of everything that has happened in game.

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Share your campaign

Share your campaign so other people can view it and select which objects you want them to be able to see.
Share objects based on access roles to allow viewing by some people but not others.


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